Q: What makes The Stork’s Helpers different? 

A: Our services are tailored to meet the challenges faced by families with loved ones to care for. Our aim is to provide you peace of mind by providing superior child / elder care. We understand the difference in providing care for a child versus an elderly.

Q: Are you licensed? 

A: We are regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and comply with all requirements. Our license # is L08442. 


Q: I am not sure what kind of help I need. What type of services do I need? 

A: We will take the time to discuss all of our services to give you a better understanding on how the Stork’s Helpers will help you. So contact us today!

Q: How do you select my caregiver? 

A: After we obtained preliminary information, we select the helper that would be the best fit based on the criteria set by the family. 

Q: What are your criteria for a helper? 

A: The Stork’s Helpers screens potential candidates with previous experience in their field. Each candidate is screened the following ways prior to working for us: phone screening,  detailed application procedure personal interview,  reference & Social Security verification,  Criminal and Sex Offender Registry background investigation. They also need to have their CPR and first aid certifications.

Q: Who pays the Helper? Does he/she get paid separately? 

A: For on-demand services, The Stork’s Helpers handles all immigration issues, billing, payroll, employee / employer taxes, worker's compensations & liability insurance, and administrative / scheduling responsibilities for you. The Helpers are direct employees of The Stork’s Helpers. For placement services, the family will work directly with the caregiver to determine pay.

Q: I already have children, so I’m experienced in the baby department, how can The Stork’s Helpers help me?

A: As joyful as it is to have a new baby at home, older siblings may feel neglected, mom may be extra tired due to lack of sleep and the house will need tidying up. The Stork’s Helpers will assist you by being there for you; putting together simple meals, doing light housekeeping, watching the baby and/or sibling while you sleep etc… 

Q: How much do you charge? 

A: Our rates are very competitive and based on the type of service requested. Contact us today for more information.  

Q: I'm traveling with my family, can you still help? 

A: Please call us to register your family prior to your arrival so we can have a caregiver ready for you. 

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